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About this site. How Babelan works

If you do not know Babelan, here's what you can find on the site. Babelan is a languages site and it's divided into different sections where you can publish your message for free or read and answer someone's else.

In every section, you will find a link called "Post your advertisement", when clicking it you will find a form to publish your message.

The different sections are:

Language exchange

Here, you can contact with students of languages from around the world and practice foreign languages online thanks to the internet tools such as chats, Skype, emails, etc.

Private lessons

Teachers can publish adverts offering their private classes online. Nowadays, teachers offer their classes through Skype. This way is really suitable to save time as you learn from home at the time you arrange with the teacher. This sort of virtual lesson are becoming so popular.


On this section, translators publish adverts offering their translation services, so, companies that are interested can contact them.

Support us

If you like our collaborative project, you can help us and the rest of users:
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