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About us

Babelan is a collaborative project that aims to help foreign languages students, teachers and translators. We aspire to facilitate students to meet up with native speakers to exchange languages. We also want to help language teachers to find new students for their lessons, and, last but no least, to help translators to meet customers interested in their translation services.

Who we are

Albert Lamata is an IT engineer who works in international projects all around the world, for instance, in China, Singapore, Canada or Cairo among other places. In Babelan, he's in charge of the databases and web development.

J. Carlos Mena has a Degree in Education and IT qualifications. He has worked as a Spanish lecturer (GCSE) in London. Also, he worked as a software developer in Barcelona and South Korea. Currently, he's a webmaster of a cultural website. In Babelan, he's a web developer and community manager.


Babelan welcomes to anyone who wants to contribute. Some people has already helped to translate Babelan into their languages (read further information here). You may also donate some money to keep the site working.

More about Babelan

In order to know how Babelan works and what you can find on the site read About this site.

You can contact us by filling in our contact form.

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